Trace Michaels fucks a straight dude

Rub Him,Trial Membership 25 August 2011 | 0 Comments

Huge facial

welcome to another day in the life of Trace Michaels and today we have another straight man with some back issues. When he took off his shirt and I saw his back I thought to myself doggy style will be great with this dude”. After a long massage I decided to make my move and lick his asshole.

He wasn’t receptive at first but after I convinced him to let me suck his cock we got down to it right away and then…………. Once again…… Another straight agreed to a massage with a happy end. I had a great with this one and I gave him a massive facial at the end.

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Matt Brooks fucks Sam Bishop

Hard Brit Lads 22 June 2011 | 0 Comments

Matt Brooks fucks Sam Bishop

A strong and intense scene at Hard Brit Lads, as highly sexed hung lads Matt Brooks and Sam Bishop have a seriously hard session. Both lads deepthroat each others big uncut dicks, Matt rims Sam then pounds him hard in several positions and shoots tons of spunk into his mouth.

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Usher Richbanks fucks Anthony Avery

Mix It Up Boy 5 March 2011 | 0 Comments

Mr Anthony Avery stayin in some posh hotel but his damn tv is busted so he calls for Usher to fix that shit pronto. Turns out Anthony just couldn’t find the porn channels, so Usher let’s him know they don’t have that shit in this fly ass place. But if he wants action Usher can give it to him!

Anthony is extra excited at this proposition lookin to suck that dark meat and gettin fucked hard all day long. Usher ain’t going easy on that foo, fuckin Anthony hard and fast. He can barely take all that dick, but makes it through it and begins lovin it soon enough! After that ass gets completely destroyed Usher pulls out and lands a whole bucket worth of cum on his face!

Download the full video here

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JJ sucks off Seth and gets a load!

Suck off Guys 8 January 2011 | 0 Comments

Super hot 20 year old, JJ, is back and this time he’s sucking off Seth and swallows cum for the first time. Seth hadn’t shot a load of cum in about a week! That meant he had quite a big load to deliver. JJ whips out Seth’s cock and gets to work. He’s had some practice sucking dick since his last appearance and, WOW, he has really picked up some great cock sucking skills. You can tell JJ is really into this suck off and wanted Seth’s load really bad.

Since Seth hadn’t popped off a load in nearly a week, clear pre-cum was flowing out of his dick head in gobs. JJ licks up and swallows every drop of the clear semen and begs for more. JJ takes off the rest of his clothes and Seth starts face fucking him. After some great mouth pounding, Seth hops on top of JJ and fucks JJ’s face hard from above.

JJ sucks like a mad man and Seth pops off a huge load in JJ’s mouth and all over his face. JJ has a huge blast of cum in his mouth that he spits back on Seth’s cock. JJ then sucks it back into his mouth. This time Seth makes sure JJ swallows a bunch of it before pulling his dick out of his mouth.

Cum is still oozing out of Seth’s dick and JJ keeps licking it clean and shoving it in his mouth. You can tell JJ was enjoying every drop of Seth’s load and wanted to make sure every last bit was drained from his cock. JJ said that was the most cum he’s ever had on his face and the first time he’s actually swallowed a load. He said he absolutely loved the taste and can’t wait to down some more.

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Luda takes a load in his face

VideoBoys 2 January 2011 | 0 Comments

After a six month retreat from doing videos, partying and living generally the wild life in Montreal, Luda Wayne is back looking rested and healthy and with a recharged libido. To show us that he’s ready to take his video career to the next level, Luda showed us how he is ready to take a face full of cum. A very impressive accomplishment considering he had to hold himself in that upside-down position for more than 5 minutes until he was able to dump his biggest load ever right in his face.

Download the full video here

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Mark services corporal Ryder

All American Heroes 12 December 2010 | 0 Comments

Lance Corporal Ryder is back and this time Lifeguard Mark is with him to lend him a helping hand (and a lapping mouth).  Ryder is more than 100% straight and has no desire to be with men whatsoever.  The lifeguard, however, seems like he may have choked on a dick or two in his day.  These two pop in a straight porn and quickly get to business.  They make comments about the women in the video from the nipples and tits down to the ass and pussy.

It must be one hell of a video because they’re both hard as rocks in no time! Ryder rubs his fat one through his gym shorts playing with the outline of his giant sausage and making it grow bigger still.  Mark follows the lead of the Marine and does the same.  In fact, Mark follows Ryder’s lead for almost everything, and this behaviour results in a great facial! It’s like a shower of cum!

Download the full video here

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