Used as a cum dump

Bukkake Boys,Free Trial Membership 22 March 2011 | 0 Comments

Kriss Kross is a sucker for aquariums and rollercoasters. When theBukkake Boys discovered he had never fielded a facial, they had but one question: Does Kriss prefer DEEP-sea diving or wild, bumpy rides? The answer? Both, of course!

The Bukkake Boys promptly fitted Kriss with 10 stiff snorkels, and when he finally came up for air, they rode his ass around the track until his engine overheated. What a trooper! This lean, randy specimen flopped around on the floor like a goldfish out of water, cleared the sperm from his gills and begged for MORE!

In the end of the movie the boys use Kriss Kross as their cum dump. He takes 17 loads!!!


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