Mark services corporal Ryder

All American Heroes 12 December 2010 | 0 Comments

Lance Corporal Ryder is back and this time Lifeguard Mark is with him to lend him a helping hand (and a lapping mouth).  Ryder is more than 100% straight and has no desire to be with men whatsoever.  The lifeguard, however, seems like he may have choked on a dick or two in his day.  These two pop in a straight porn and quickly get to business.  They make comments about the women in the video from the nipples and tits down to the ass and pussy.

It must be one hell of a video because they’re both hard as rocks in no time! Ryder rubs his fat one through his gym shorts playing with the outline of his giant sausage and making it grow bigger still.  Mark follows the lead of the Marine and does the same.  In fact, Mark follows Ryder’s lead for almost everything, and this behaviour results in a great facial! It’s like a shower of cum!

Download the full video here

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