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Cum facial whore Stan

Boy Fetish 30 July 2010 | 0 Comments

Jason likes to keep Stan on a really short leash. These two twinks take their Bondage / BDSM sessions everywhere. Weather it is the parking lot of the local shopping mall or the bathroom of a gas station, their Bondage / BDSM lifestyle goes everywhere with them.

Stan is always kept on a leash. No matter where they go, Jason is always in control of Stan. If Stan tries to wonder away, a quick tug of the leash puts Stan back in line. If Jason gets an urge to have his dick sucked, no problem Jason pulls the leash to his crotch and Stan knows what to do. Unlike Cooper, Stan was easy to break in to his new Bondage / BDSM lifestyle.

River has mentioned before, how cum facials give him such a clean and soft skin. Stan, who also is a cum facial whore, is also a beneficiary of the cum facial side effect. His master Jason gives him a daily dose of cum to rub into his face. Young twink masters such as Jason have an endless supply of cum on demand so Stan should be getting multiple daily dose of cum facials.

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